Super 10 and Dynamic Dozen #12

This year we will be having a Super 10 event and a Dynamic Dozen event at all of our qualifiers.  At the TRC Finals we will hold the Super 10 Finale where there will be a guaranteed payout of $50,000 per team for 1st and a Dynamic Dozen Finale  with a guaranteed payout of $30,000 per team for 1st.  There will be no entry fee at the Finals as your qualification is your entry fee. There will also be a direct buy-in option to the Finale at $1,000 per man.


The ropings will run accordingly:

All ropers must have a TRC card to enter either of these ropings

Super 10 capped at a 6+

No cap on the Lucky 13

Pick or draw for $100 per man

Enter 3 times

3 head progressive

1 qualification for every 20 teams

$1,000 per team paid to each qualifying team

Extra draws are free except if you qualify with a free draw the $100 entry fee will be taken out of the $500 payout

25% will be taken out for the producer

All remaining money after qualifying teams are paid out will go to the Finale at the TRC Finals.

All teams with 3 steers caught will be awarded TRC Finals Shootouts to be used in the #8, #9, or #11.



No entry fees

Enter 3 times

4 head progressive

Optional buy-in at $1,000 per man